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Hey there, is anyone even using this site in 2022? No? Only bots? Well I'm posting some art here anyways because I miss doing this lol.

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Remember the Dazzle introduction post? https://loom.community/p/12267

This is the drawing 2 years 6 months later. Feel old yet? :>

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I am a Dragonnnnnnnn I drew ya a snazzy Flamethorn boi as a series of art I doin of our OCs ;o
Oh yeah and I'm remaking that Wattpad Dazzle story because dang it needs it badly lol

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Yes y'all, this is the bootiful dragon gorl of mine.
She protecc, attacc, but most importantly...
She bacc

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Y'all I still haven't quit my drawing hobby after all this time lol.

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I started a speed paint channel just for you guys! :)

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I absolutely adore my new design for fennec foxes! This one doesn’t have a particular name but take it anyway!

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I’ll be doing the tutorial soon. Stay tune!

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...Yeah, you’ve missed out on the last while of my drawing horses. Which, considering how much better they’re getting.... that’s something you’ve been missing out on.

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Here you go, loomgirl777! This is the art you wanted of your cat Hollystar. If you want anything changed, let me know. Sorry if it's ugly O.o

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So, this is one of my WoF OCs, Spectrum! I think this headshot came out really cute :) I'm going to post the rest of my OCs (I have one from each tribe so far) with headshots like this.

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Does it look acceptable??
Half way there!

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I decided to draw my favorite Rainbow Loom dragon I ever made - my baby Typhoomerang (her name's Typhoomerang. lol). She is in my style, so she doesn't quite look like the HTTYD version.

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This took 7 minss
I dunno if madee him a girl or aboy XD I'm tiredd can't really type veryy wel
Byye now

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Thanks so much, Fungirl!!! I love her!

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Winner of adoption #5 (Albino the Iceling) is.......

(random.org chose 1, and she was the first comment)

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How'd I do....? Comment below. This took me 2 hours total :o All the shading and tracing a sketch.... Wow XD

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Herrrrrre he is! Sorry if the pictures kinda dark, the sun hasn't risen yet ans I normally would go the the bathroom to take pics, since its east facing it catchs all the sunlight.

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Winner of adoption #4 is... I AM A DRAGON AGAIN XD!
I love her ^_^

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Winner of adoption #4 is... I AM A DRAGON AGAIN XD! Sorry loomgirl. I'll be sure to put more adoptions up in the future. (only 2 ppl entered this time...

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This is a Dazzle drawing I did in three styles: normal (dragon), MLP, and human (I added wings. idk why XD). Hope you like.

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A picture of Viviana pointing her sword at Talen from A Valkyrie's Dragon Chapter 2.

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These are two more Valkyrie drawings I did on paper. These are both made completely from randomness. I did not use ANY references.

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Another one! Yes, I did this on at an amazing time of 11:08 pm! Wow! *Yawns* I'm tired now, so I'm gonna go to bed for a bit. See ya!

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Hey guys! More artwork! On paper. I think I do better on paper. Me, my hb pencil, eraser,colour pencils and sketchpad are FAR better than my digital pictures.

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This is an OC i designed specifically for loomgirl777's book, A Valkyrie's Dragon. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ His name is Abyss and he's a Dazzling/Merling hybrid.

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This is my 3rd dragon OC. Her name is Aqua and she's a Merling (Mermaid Dragon). Here is her bio:

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These are sketches of Valkyries that Fungirl99000 did. I think she did a great job!

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