Title says it all O.O

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OMW GUYS IT'S OUT THE COVER FOR THE NEXT WOF IS OUT LOOK AT THAT DRAGON!!!! She is SO beautiful!!!!!! I need to make her on the loom so bad!!! She looks like a butterfly!

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This is a piece I did of my Pixie Hollow fairy (Fairyabc now), Grace. In case you don't know what Pixie Hollow (PH) is, it was a game similar to Animal Jam, but Disney Fairies style pixies.

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I decided to draw my favorite Rainbow Loom dragon I ever made - my baby Typhoomerang (her name's Typhoomerang. lol). She is in my style, so she doesn't quite look like the HTTYD version.

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Okay, I'm finally getting the hang of Canva XD. Well, this is my new profile picture. I hope you like it. The colors are kinda Dazzle-themed (teal, orange, yellow). The art is by Anne Stokes.

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Bratty Princess Glimmer from my first series of my tablet stories thingy, Creatures: The First Victory. XD She's probably going to be one of the most hated characters in the story.

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This is my entry for IAAD's cat art contest. I'm not the best at cats, but I wanted to enter this contest to improve my cat drawing skills. Hope you like, IAAD :) Sorry if it's ugly 3:

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This is my contest entry for loomgirl777's cover contest. I hope you like it, loomgirl. <3 ●‿●

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UPDATED MORE EPIC COVER WHOOOOOOOO isn't it nice? XD much better than the ugly paint cover i had. I feel like epic covers draw more people to read stories on wattpad... :) Hope u like.

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Soooo I unpublished Sarah's Winged Wolf due to serious bad writer skills.

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I love it when he/she looks at me like this XD By the way, instead of Buddy or Roxy, we named it Rocky (close to Roxy, right? lol) because it sounds like a name for either.

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A picture of Viviana pointing her sword at Talen from A Valkyrie's Dragon Chapter 2.

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This is our bearded dragon we just got! Dad called petco and they were 50% off YAY! Hard to tell what gender it is... its a baby right now.

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So me and my family are going to Brookings, Oregon tomorrow and I won't be back until Tuesday.... Or Wednesday. Just wanted tto let you loomers know. Bye 3:

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Soooo I just checked notifications and it had a typo..... it said 'stoped' instead of 'stopped.' Can you fix this Rainbow Loom?

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These are two more Valkyrie drawings I did on paper. These are both made completely from randomness. I did not use ANY references.

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These are a couple of Valkyries i drew on paper. I based them off of pictures I've seen of them. Idk if I got the look right.... One doesn't have a helmet, and the other's helmet looks goofy.

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I am currently working on chapter 1, but if you want to read the prologue of my story (it will feature all of our OCs....

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This is the picture I'm using for my Wattpad profile picture :3. Loom_lover, I'm @Fungirl99000 on Wattpad (Or Hannah U.). I want to check you out! Can you tell me your Wattpad user?

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Hi everyone! Today I am posting something that's not loom related (well kind of. It's related to one of my designs). I drew a picture of SlitherFlight the Snake-EE dragon.

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I drew this on Animal Jam :D. My username is Fungirl99000 on that game. Feel free to buddy me!

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GUYS! I just looked at the home page and I'M THE FEATURED MEMBER!!! This is so cool! Thank you Rainbow Loom!

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