Yep. Drawing Rockz, so here's my art. You are allowed to Repin the art, but you must give me credit.

Another art!! Don't. Doubt my names, please XD

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Y'all have no idea the type of shower you're in for in terms of art! :"") Heck, you'll be drowning!

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...Yeah, you’ve missed out on the last while of my drawing horses. Which, considering how much better they’re getting.... that’s something you’ve been missing out on.

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This is V. 1 of my hugging cat...
It's simple but anyway, it was a quick sketch.

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So what's a cony?
A cony is a mix of a pony and a cat! I was using my cat style to draw a pony. So, cony!

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The sig at the bottom says LAJ/RLC. I drew it myself and coloured it myself, but LAJ stands for Loadin Animal Jam (my YT channel) and RLC is RL Creator.

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It's a cony cos I used my cat style to draw a pony.

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Unimpressed cat.

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So. ~Some~ little bird told me that Loom Community isn't just for Rainbowloom.
I'm not sure if this is the first drawing on Loom Community, but if so, I am honoured!

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