My two most FAVORITEST Warrior cats of all! Mapleshade and Hawkfrost.

Why do I like them, ye ask moi?
I'll start with Hawkfrost. Because he's cool XD

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Here you go, loomgirl777! This is the art you wanted of your cat Hollystar. If you want anything changed, let me know. Sorry if it's ugly O.o

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These are a couple cats I created awhile back ago: Copperpelt and Darkwind. Darkwind is basically me as a warrior cat, and Copperpelt is my fictional warrior crush. Anyway here's their bios:

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2 warriors in loomgirl777's Clan, MountainClan.

Sunfur - White she-cat with golden blotches; blue eyes
Birchleg - Gray tom with yellow eyes

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These two are made from a base I created.

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These are a couple of cats I made using a base... Rosetail and Fireclaw. Rosetail is from IceClan and Fireclaw is from FireClan (me and my brother's made up Clans).
They're in luv XD

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This is Firestar from Warriors. Hope u like :3

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I drew another Warrior cat! XD. This time I drew Snowfur, Bluestar's sis in "Bluestar's Prophecy." Hope you like, and again, IF YOU HAVE A CAT REQUEST PLEASE COMMENT XD.

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I decided to draw my favorite bag guy in Warriors... Scourge (or Tiny LOL)! I hope you like him. This didn't take very long at all XD.

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