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I made this today! Design by xander_looms tutorial by gingercel looms. Anyone want a link to the video comment down ↓

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I made this today! It was a lot harder then i thought it would be. This is by gingercel looms on youtube.

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i named her snowflake,and shes SO FLUFFY!!!

and i always pretend shes a real dog,SO CUTE!!!

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I made this, today the tutorial is by gingercel looms and the design is by xander_looms. I made this i love how it looks! What should i make next?

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this design was made by looming withCheryl

i love this pig!!!

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this is my other monkey i made,this one turned out so cute!

coment down below if you like this creation.

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this cute design took for 1 hour and this was made by Clohe makena.

hope yall have a great day!

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i finished this today at 11:04 and this design was made by creativity is life!

and i love my puppy!

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this is my original design i made today.

and it took me 6 hours to make!

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Very easy and only uses some bands!

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I made this only using a hook. It’s the easiest charm I have ever made!

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Epic Sphere bracelet! I made this today after I was done all my school work...

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{If you ever want any links to a video comment below and I can add it to my posts}
-Same applies to all my other posts

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this is my original design of this cute octipus,its made out of yarn not bands,i made this for my sister.

and im planing on making a flip a zoo of a octipus just like this one.

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2nd thing I made today! This design is by Claire's Wear!

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my little sister wanted to take a picure with my moms monkey i made her from craftmuse.

my little sis loves fashion,she copes my older sister alot.

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i made these by creativity is life,i love em.they took about 1 or 2 packs of bands.

i love dogs!

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i will teach you how to make a magic circle, first take a band and rap it around 3 times so it will have four lops on your hook,then take a band a pull it trough the 4 loops on your hook then tie a

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i wanted to make this because its cute and its good for easter. `and its a boy bunny this design was made by jordantine1.

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this cute bear was made by looming with cheryl,shes so cute. my sister ashtyn,wants to buy it.

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i looked up a amigurmi among us doll by chloe makena and i did that with yarn but i made a idea that i would make a among us crewmate with rainbow loom bands,i made it with jelly pink and grey then

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this is my colection of loomigurmi i will be making more designs and show you them

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This is the oculus bracelet by xander_looms and tutorial by expert looms. I use mint and pastel for this bracelet I think it turned out beautiful!

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Funny story, I found Claire from the Claires Wear channel and I asked her what bracelet I should make, She said the Sea Cucumber bracelet is really fun!

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It's my Birthday today! I made this bracelet yesturday with clear, gold glitter, mother of pearl, and jelly white. HAVE a great day!

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Yay! This Bracelet is so easy!I added a fishtail border to this bracelet, Its my birthday tomorrow! Shout out to Husky.looms!

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I made another because I love this bracelet my sister choose the colour combo!
EDIT: this is for my twin sister because she loved the colour combo she does not know I'm giving it to her!

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I just finished this today, it was kinda hard and I made it a bit to small, bit its beautiful!

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Another Hataori bracelet in pastel! Near it he ends I did a fancy single chain in the pastel colours. Made this yesturday bye!

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( sorry this post is late, I made this on Wednesday but the post was to big so I had to keep on shrinking ) Yay!

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