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I absolutely love this braclet I don’t have the one I made with me at the moment but here’s the one Claire’s wears made

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2nd thing I made today! This design is by Claire's Wear!

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These are basically water bottles/beverage bottles. They're quick, easy, and loomless. All you need are 2 colors; the color of your drink and the color of your label/bottle cap.

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the blueberry cow made by me is so CUTE!
do yall agree???

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i love my tomato hat
ps i wear it all the time
btw this is a crohet design

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so cute, right?
and happy April fools day!

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sorry i havent been posting any rainbow loom designs
but in the next post i will do something rainbow loom

but just look at this cute bunny
its adorable!

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this is my panda i made today and shes so cute and she has a cutie mark of a strawberry that you cant really see

and i also got a hair cut!

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hey guys!
i have not posted in a while, but this elephant is so cute!

any ideas what i should name her?

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i now have a boy and girl!

and they are sister and brother!

and have a nice day :)

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this one is my favorite puppy i have made so far

and its my original design!

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i named her snowflake,and shes SO FLUFFY!!!

and i always pretend shes a real dog,SO CUTE!!!

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this design was made by looming withCheryl

i love this pig!!!

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this is my other monkey i made,this one turned out so cute!

coment down below if you like this creation.

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this cute design took for 1 hour and this was made by Clohe makena.

hope yall have a great day!

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i finished this today at 11:04 and this design was made by creativity is life!

and i love my puppy!

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this is my original design i made today.

and it took me 6 hours to make!

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this is my original design of this cute octipus,its made out of yarn not bands,i made this for my sister.

and im planing on making a flip a zoo of a octipus just like this one.

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my little sister wanted to take a picure with my moms monkey i made her from craftmuse.

my little sis loves fashion,she copes my older sister alot.

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i made these by creativity is life,i love em.they took about 1 or 2 packs of bands.

i love dogs!

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i will teach you how to make a magic circle, first take a band and rap it around 3 times so it will have four lops on your hook,then take a band a pull it trough the 4 loops on your hook then tie a

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i wanted to make this because its cute and its good for easter. `and its a boy bunny this design was made by jordantine1.

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this cute bear was made by looming with cheryl,shes so cute. my sister ashtyn,wants to buy it.

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i looked up a amigurmi among us doll by chloe makena and i did that with yarn but i made a idea that i would make a among us crewmate with rainbow loom bands,i made it with jelly pink and grey then

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this is my colection of loomigurmi i will be making more designs and show you them

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Disney's Toy Story: Little Green Men
Loomigurumi Tsum Tsum
(Squishable, Stress Ball, No Tears, Stretchy, Detailed)l

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