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Dazzle the dazzling!!! She ain't wired yet tho ;)

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Thnx again I Am A Dragon your a great drawer ='_'=

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3-D Minion by feelinspiffy on YouTube.

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wow! He really cool! I may have to make him enchanted cause I have low supplies of gray...

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The yellow one is the Solarfury, the dark blue one is the Seafury, the light blue with white spots is Skyfury, the green one is the Forestfury and lucky last is the red and orange Flamefury.

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He's so cool!!! Fungirl99000, you should definitely make him. Littletiger, you already are!

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Done! I made her tail WAY to long so now she's 73 cm instead of 2 feet....... oops :D

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These are the parts I am using. And my messy handwriting :D thus is gonna be SUPER cute!

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0.0 sooooo cute!

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OMG!!!! I bred THIS?!?!? How unimaginabley cool! (Is that even a word) He is one I am definitely making.

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Nice strong muscles you have there, Blueskull!

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Ouch! Wouldn't want to get impaled by these spines!

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The wings are like the ladder bracelet only bigger. Oh and almost forgot, the white-and-clear spots are colour changeing

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I can't be stuffed to go outside in the cold to take pictures of her, but here is her head.

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FINNISHED!!!!!! She is soooooo cool I thought at one point that she wasnt gonna work but, Blueskull, you beast, you worked.

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Hi loomers! Today I will show you an adorable design of mine - a baby RainWing! I was inspired by I Am A Dragon to make some baby WoF dragons, and I'm pleased with how he turned out!

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I made the body with double looped horizontal bands.... now she's really thin....maybe the stomach will help.....oops

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This little guy was designed by me, not Courtney Nicole. I'm very proud of him :)

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I wish I made that many :D.
Original post by bunnyluver15

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This one is unbearably CUTE too. So, on the list she goes.

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This little thing IS SO CUTE even though I'm trying to breed her and haven't been successful. :/

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Alpha Loom Black Bomber from Super Bomberman R on the Nintendo Switch, designed and made by Chase

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My fave is this little guy. One if a kind, they say.

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This one is most of my friends favourite..... but not mine >.<

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