Anything in here is up for adoption <3 ôヮô

Winner of adoption #5 (Albino the Iceling) is.......

( chose 1, and she was the first comment)

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Winner of adoption #4 is... I AM A DRAGON AGAIN XD! Sorry loomgirl. I'll be sure to put more adoptions up in the future. (only 2 ppl entered this time...

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DA WINNER OF DA ADOPTION (lol I'm rushing this post sorry) IS.............. ---Drumroll pleaze--- I AM A DRAGON!

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Here's the winner of my 2nd OC adoption....... Littletiger! The thing picked 2 again for some reason.... lol it loves two i guess. Anyways, congrats Littletiger!

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WIN THESE VERY ADORABLE HATCHLINGS!!!!!!!! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ Comment if you want these guys! If you live in another country, either email me your address or comment below.

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