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Tutorial by jordantine1 on YouTube.

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Designed by LoominLooney

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This is my awesome dog modeling a headband for you. enjoy.

Designed by Me

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he even has a little hands under his wings :)

designed by Cortney Nicole

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designed by Cortney Nicole

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I forgot to give him his Black Spot unfortunately.....

Designed by Cortney Nicole

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Yes, here it is! unfortunately his jaw curls back unless I hold it down, so that's what the band around his mouth is.

designed by Cortney Nicole

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The box of dragons. Not much to say about this....
If you would like me to post a picture of any specific dragon, just let me know in the comments.


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New Tutorial for my own Baby Toothless Design! Sorry about the Lighting in the video, it looks weird. Definitely post pictures with the hashtag #fungirlslooming with a picture of your Toothless!

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