This is what I found while walking home from school...

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Pikachu has been caught!!!!
Designed by Art by Willscott

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Dinosaurs are real!!! Proof: he's right here!!!!!! Stegosaurus
Designed by Courtney Nicole

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Tsum Tsum Toothless!!!!!!!!!! :D:D
Designed by... ME!!!!

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Loch Ness Monster
Designed by Courtney Nicole

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Here is the detailed baby dragon. Courtney Nicole is doing a competition where she will choose 5 winners on the best baby dragon they make.
Designed by Courtney Nicole

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Skylar is finished!!!!!!

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I am currently working on Skylar from Alana of Avalor. Designed by ME!!!

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This reminds me of the Tick Tock Crock from Peter Pan. So funny when chasing Captain Hook!!! XD designed by Loombicious

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This is my shelf of dragons, animals, and dinosuars all designed by Courtney Nicole

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This is the Boneknapper from HTTYD's Legend of the Boneknapper movie.
Designed by Courtney Nicole

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Fear the amazing Flightmare!! It looks awesome on the TV show with its glowing effect. So I used glow purple in it. :D
Designed by Courtney Nicole

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When I was 8 I saw HTTYD in theaters. I thought that the Monstrous Nightmare was the creepiest dragon. BUT NOW IT IS AWESOME!!! XD

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Here she is!!! Designed by Courtney Nicole

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Rainbow Loom Toothless is taking a piggy back ride!!!!!

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Here is my Chinese Dragon Adult.
Designed by Courtney Nicole

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