My Own Designs

Designs that I made myself! (my own designs, so I own the right to ask you NOT to take my designs and make a tutorial of them, but you may make them and sell them if I make tutorials.)

Here's the adorable baby triple stryke! I hope you like him. I wasn't exactly very happy with how the head turned out, but he still looks reallyyyyy cyooooot. I wuv him XD.

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Any guesses to who I'm almost done with? He's my own design, but not a made up dragon. (Hint: I didn't like how Cortney did her's. That's why I'm making my own)

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Soooo I made another Snake-EE dragon that I named Creepety Creep, but that means I have 2! What should I do with him? Give him to a brother (they have LOTS of dragons)? Or should I just keep him?

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Hi loomers! Today I will show you an adorable design of mine - a baby RainWing! I was inspired by I Am A Dragon to make some baby WoF dragons, and I'm pleased with how he turned out!

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Hey guys! Here I am again (with ANOTHER post) with a picture of a baby Typhoomerang dragon I designed myself! Wait, what? Wasn't there already a baby Typhoomerang made by Cortney Nicole?

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Possibly the biggest dragon I've designed on my own, this adult Snake-EE dragon is a GIANT version of the baby one i posted a long time ago. If you look, the baby is riding on his daddy's wing!

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Hi everyone! Second post of the day, and this time I decided to snap a pic of Slitherflight (the Snake-EE dragonet) with his new friend, Goldy!

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Hey loomers! Fungirl here with another L.C. post. This time I'm showing off one of my own designs! I made this dragon up, just so you don't think "What movie is this dragon in?".

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New Tutorial for my own Baby Toothless Design! Sorry about the Lighting in the video, it looks weird. Definitely post pictures with the hashtag #fungirlslooming with a picture of your Toothless!

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Hey guys! Today, I decided to design a fennec fox for my 7 yr. old brother! I finished it not too long ago, and this one IS a PROTOTYPE!! Whatcha think? Wanna tutorial? If so, I'll add MORE white.

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