Random Creations

A place for all my random stuff.

Loomigurumi Chicken! I made the design up myself, hope you like him :)

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Designed by Izzalicious Designs

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Designed by LoominLooney

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Here is my rainbow loom nativity!

Designed by PG's loomacy

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Rainbow Xtreme bracelet :)

Designed by: Me!

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Here is my amazing Sugar skull I made for Halloween. It took 4 looms and a lot of time, so yeah...

Designed by Lilahs Gigi

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Here's my baby chick! Hope you like her!

Designed by Craftmuse

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Here are all 7 of my derpy whales! do you like them? :)

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This is my awesome dog modeling a headband for you. enjoy.

Designed by Me

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A random bracelet I made. I think it turned out pretty cool!

I made this without a tutorial, but someone's probably made it before.

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Their names are Bob & Ellegard, and they're so cute!

Designed by LoomingWithCheryl

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Cute Beagle!

designed by lovely lovebird designs

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Corgi. Know who likes these?

designed by lovely lovebird designs

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Here are my Puppies. DEY SO CUTE!!!

Designed by lovely lovebird designs

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Run Barry, RUN!

I had help to make this from a random template on the interweb.

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Designed by me with help from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeTqviPpqv0

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This is my Tiny Tot Ninja Turtle. I made him for my friend and he is very cute.

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Here are my two loomigurumi Owls, Sunshine and Midnight. Sunshine is made with solar bands, so she changes pink in the sun!

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This is the R2 I made my Brother for his B-day

designed by Kate Schultz

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designed by Craftmuse

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A cute little monkey I made for my cousin.

Designed by DIYMommy

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Just thought I'd share a pic of my Loomigurumi Dalek before I ship him off to my Aunt. She loves Doctor Who! :)

Designed by Kate Schultz

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