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Hey there, is anyone even using this site in 2022? No? Only bots? Well I'm posting some art here anyways because I miss doing this lol.

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Remember the Dazzle introduction post? https://loom.community/p/12267

This is the drawing 2 years 6 months later. Feel old yet? :>

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I am a Dragonnnnnnnn I drew ya a snazzy Flamethorn boi as a series of art I doin of our OCs ;o
Oh yeah and I'm remaking that Wattpad Dazzle story because dang it needs it badly lol

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Yes y'all, this is the bootiful dragon gorl of mine.
She protecc, attacc, but most importantly...
She bacc

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It's my newest cat OC Kailani!

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This is Shiloh, a Quarter Horse Palomino Gelding (a gelding is a fixed male horse).
He is a Western horse.

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I've been wanting to make her, but made Arctic instead!

But finally, she's here!

She's flown all the way from the continent of Dnalnogard...

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This is my entry for IAAD's OC contest. Like you said, this is an animal that doesn't exist on plant earth.

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...Yeah, you’ve missed out on the last while of my drawing horses. Which, considering how much better they’re getting.... that’s something you’ve been missing out on.

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So, this is one of my WoF OCs, Spectrum! I think this headshot came out really cute :) I'm going to post the rest of my OCs (I have one from each tribe so far) with headshots like this.

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Here you are, loomgirl! I hope you like it. This might be one of the funnest projects I did :D.

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Here's Harper, loomgirl! She looks like an identical twin of Eliana, except Harper wears earrings (I added those). I hope you like her :3

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Here's your dragon ball, loomgirl! :3 I've decided to draw Harper on Paint because that's the classic way I draw "posters" of characters. I hope that's ok.

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This is my new way of drawing cats. I'm starting to really like Warriors, even though the first book hasn't even made its way to my library yet XD.

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Winners of my dragon contest (sorry I took so long to end it) are: IAAD and loomgirl777! Of course, they were the only ones who entered, but STILL, I love them <3.

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Thanks so much, Fungirl!!! I love her!

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Winner of adoption #5 (Albino the Iceling) is.......

(random.org chose 1, and she was the first comment)

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VIOLA! I hope you like it, loomgirl! They look like triplets LOL. The one on the left was SO fun (and funny) to draw because he's going YAAAAAAAAAAY XD.

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This dragon was so fun to draw XD I love how he's opening his mouth wide.
Full picture coming soon...

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How'd I do....? Comment below. This took me 2 hours total :o All the shading and tracing a sketch.... Wow XD

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I'm back with another adoption, loomers/artists! This time we have a dragon from a never-before-seen-or-written-about tribe. Meet Albino the Iceling! How to enter: Comment you want her.

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LOL this is some random art I did because I was bored... and because I personally can't stand drama, either. ;)

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This is a map that I am adding into the prologue of Dazzle: A Dragon's Tale. It shows every part of the continent they live on, so you get a better view of where everything is.

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This is my entry for IAAD's cat art contest. I'm not the best at cats, but I wanted to enter this contest to improve my cat drawing skills. Hope you like, IAAD :) Sorry if it's ugly 3:

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This is Eliana from A Valkyrie's Dragon for loomgirl777. Hope you like <3

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This is my entry for loomgirl's Christa contest. I wasn't exactly sure how to draw armor on a dragon. It's easier to write it in a story than to actually draw it XD but I managed.

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A dragon with a terrible past... A dragon who's mind thinks nothing but violent thoughts... A dragon who's parents thought of him as a pest...

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This is a scene from my upcoming chapter in Dazzle: A Dragon's Tale. Any guesses to who the misty Dazzling standing next to Dazzle is? 8) Hint: dead guy/girl

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