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I really like this fan art of my OC, Vine, and I Am A Dragon's OC, Goldenscale! Drawn by I Am A Dragon

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Here's a drawing on my sketchbook of Flamethorn, ♓y℘e14! I hope you like it :). I'm still going to sketch Vine, Goldenscale, Blueskull, and Moonshadow, so don't worry I Am A Dragon 8)

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FINNISHED!!!!!!!!! ( ;´Д`) (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧( ಠ◡ಠ )

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Fun girl I hope it's ok if I used your pic for colours.....≖‿≖
Almost done! ( ;´Д`)

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This is the ~~BASE SKETCH~~
It gets me on track when I'm starting a new drawing.
I know, it is completely HORRENDOUS but it morphs into a much better drawing.

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This is my second dragon OC. Bio:

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I drew this full body artwork of Dazzle, my OC the other day on my sketchbook. It looks really epic to me. Hope you like it!

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Dazzle the dazzling!!! She ain't wired yet tho ;)

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Thnx again I Am A Dragon your a great drawer ='_'=

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Yes he is pretty cool)
Colour: darkish red with yellow membranes in wings, gold bellyscales

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I've been inspired by many people to make a dragon OC (online character), so I decided to make my own! Here's her bio:

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