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darkstalker version three! the reason i made yet another one is because the other two were old and ugly <33

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Everyone is trying to eat the 1lb. Gummy bear I got for christmas, Peril is keeping owl and kangaroo away with her huge wingspan and my baby dragon Amethyst is climbing over poodle Fritz

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So, this is one of my WoF OCs, Spectrum! I think this headshot came out really cute :) I'm going to post the rest of my OCs (I have one from each tribe so far) with headshots like this.

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I take commissions! Just post in the comments what you want. I also do avatars!!!

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How do you escape when it is all in your head...

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He looks kinda yellow, but anyways!
I haven't posted a BWoF Dragonet in ages.

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I can't be stuffed to go outside in the cold to take pictures of her, but here is her head.

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Hi loomers! Today I will show you an adorable design of mine - a baby RainWing! I was inspired by I Am A Dragon to make some baby WoF dragons, and I'm pleased with how he turned out!

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