rainbow loom related

This is Rl stuff that I do a quick post about that I dont want to make a multi post album about, Enjoy!

Everyone is trying to eat the 1lb. Gummy bear I got for christmas, Peril is keeping owl and kangaroo away with her huge wingspan and my baby dragon Amethyst is climbing over poodle Fritz

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This is my Courtney Nicole dragon he's so cute and fun! Anyone know where to find bead landing wire?? Looked everywhere, like if you think he's cute and comment below name suggestions! :)

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So these are my rabbits Basil is the black one, he's four this November, he's a silver fox chinchilla Mix(both breeds of rabbit not different animals) he's my first pet other than fish.

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Hey so this is Theodore everyone! Got him last week for my birthday, he is the cutest thing. His breed is a teddy bear dog hybrid.

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Hey, so this is the storage case I got for my bday, it's found on Amazon its name is Akro.mils, each tiny compartment holds about a pack of 300.

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So hey, this is Afterburn so far, he is coming along great I think. He is currently short a leg and his wings are under construction.

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So this is the first in my baby dragon collection, as my horrible band diagram shows he will have a white body with orange socks and clear spikes, his wings will be fire colors, this is a Courtney

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Hey everyone, these are my precious pups, the poodle is a Courtney Nicole design named Jingle Bell because I attached a small belle to her collar, I haven't made her bows yet though.

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I'm making a Loomigurumi valentine puppy, I need names for when I'm done. I might make a tutorial for it.

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