OC Dragon

Hi! I'm inspired by ans_art on Instagram. I will draw a little fan art for this girl too.

If you want to see see the Speedpaint video, email me at UmbreonNightfury@gmail.com.

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Nice strong muscles you have there, Blueskull!

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Ouch! Wouldn't want to get impaled by these spines!

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The wings are like the ladder bracelet only bigger. Oh and almost forgot, the white-and-clear spots are colour changeing

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I can't be stuffed to go outside in the cold to take pictures of her, but here is her head.

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FINNISHED!!!!!! She is soooooo cool I thought at one point that she wasnt gonna work but, Blueskull, you beast, you worked.

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I made the body with double looped horizontal bands.... now she's really thin....maybe the stomach will help.....oops

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Original photo

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