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My child

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I made some of Tutorials by A's (Angelynn's) babies!! They're SO flippin cute!!! :D

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Published on October 29, 2017. Shared by @emilines.loomtique on Instagram.

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Published on May 8, 2018. Shared by @emilines.loomtique on Instagram.

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Published on July 13, 2014 by Eveline Maureen on YouTube.

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This is my Courtney Nicole dragon he's so cute and fun! Anyone know where to find bead landing wire?? Looked everywhere, like if you think he's cute and comment below name suggestions! :)

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So this is the first in my baby dragon collection, as my horrible band diagram shows he will have a white body with orange socks and clear spikes, his wings will be fire colors, this is a Courtney

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0.0 sooooo cute!

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Here's my baby chick! Hope you like her!

Designed by Craftmuse

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Here's my baby phoenix! I hope you like him!

ps his name is Fawkes Jr

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Published on July 25, 2016. Shared by Junior Saucedo‎ to Rainbow Loom on Facebook.

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Published on June 18, 2016. Shared by Willow Smeltzer‎ to Rainbow Loom on Facebook.

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Here are my Alicorns! Yes, I know the big ones getting impaled, but don't worry. No Alicorns were harmed in the making of this photo. :D

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This is Bubbles! She's so cute! I love her to death!!! sorry she's kinda lopsided...... I don't put wire in my big creations, so yeah.

Designed by Courtney Nicole

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Designed by Cortney Nicole

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Designed by Cortney Nicole

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Designed by Cortney Nicole

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Based on TutorialsbyA baby tutorial
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