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Another art!! Don't. Doubt my names, please XD

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This is what I've been up to mostly since I stopped checking LC! Kinda weird for a hobby yes but it's a lot better than you'd think, haha! Enjoy this one, that's my man Acorn!

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Y'all have no idea the type of shower you're in for in terms of art! :"") Heck, you'll be drowning!

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My cat Chloe!! :3

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...Yeah, you’ve missed out on the last while of my drawing horses. Which, considering how much better they’re getting.... that’s something you’ve been missing out on.

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"Dim Lantern" (DL) is another bracelet in my "Oldies" series. It's made of glow in the dark bands, but it's glow is dim - Dim Lantern!

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"Like Fire 'N' Ice" (FNI) Is another bracelet in my Oldies series!

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This guy is an oldie. I put the BNW (Black 'N' White) on my brothers Zoomer Dog Shadow.

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Here's my new post - as you read on the title, an orange-and-yellow Fishtail bracelet with a ~real~ pearl.

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Hey guys!!!

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