How to train your dragon

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This is SUPER EASY and fun!
Thank you Howtoloomyourdragon!!

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This is SUPER EASY and fun!
Thank you Howtoloomyourdragon!!

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Published on November 26, 2017. Shared by 2httydloomer on Instagram.

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Dragon Pyramid! ALL my How to Loom Your Dragon designs!

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Dessign de by Cortney Nicole

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Published on April 25, 2016. Shared by Eglė Vaičiūnaitė‎ to Rainbow Loom on Facebook.

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Here's the baby guy, he's really small compared to the big one.

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Designed by Cortney Nicole

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Designed by Cortney Nicole

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Designed by Cortney Nicole

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This Is Skullcrusher. he is awesome.

Designed by Cortney Nicole

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Here's Ruffnut! Yes, Tuffnut will be coming as soon as I get some more yellow bands :)

Designed by me using techniques learned from Kate Schultz

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Published on March 16, 2016. Shared by Cortney Nicole‎ to Rainbow Loom on Facebook.

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This charm is my own design.

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