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Hawkfrost and Mapleshade February 02, 2018

My two most FAVORITEST Warrior cats of all! Mapleshade and Hawkfrost.

Why do I like them, ye ask moi?
I'll start with Hawkfrost. Because he's cool XD

Next: Mapleshade. Because I understand her. I know how she felt and why she did the things she did. If you ask me, ThunderClan was WAYYYYY too harsh on her! They exiled a NURSING QUEEN AS WELL AS HER KITS! Oakstar, I hope you realize that what you did what flat-out mouse-brained.... Idiot.
Glad she killed Ravenwing for telling, Frecklewish for watching the kits die, and Appledusk for turning his back on her. The story made me cry! I felt so sorry for Mapleshade! She deserves to be in StarClan >:(

Anyways, hope you like them lol. Might make other favorite cats of mine in the future!

_Malnourished_'s picture

You should watch some of the mapleshade AMVs. Woot they are seriously good.

Littletiger's picture

wow...i just saw the mapleshade and it was great

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Cute :)


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