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Somebody’s Watching Me December 01, 2017


~Infected Victim #1023~
Former Species: Bloodwing
Former Gender: Female, Pansexual

Fungirl99000's picture

Awesome drawing.
I'm full of questions though. Who is that? What is a bloodwing? Is it a made up WoF tribe? Is it an outcast?
Why is it so scrawny? Why is there green in its mouth?
Why are there creepy glowy eyes watching it? What is "Pansexual"?
Sorry xd. No need to answer them.

I Am A Dragon's picture
I Am A Dragon

Remember Bloodwings? From you own book? XD
Nooooo well yesss she escaped from quarantine because she has a highly contagious virus. Like a type zombie virus.
Green is the infection oooozing out
The eyes are watching it it mysterious? Eh?
Pansexual means you are basically gender-blind. You don’t mind if the person you like, love or a friends with are male or female.

Fungirl99000's picture

Oh O.O!!! I forgot about Bloodwings, but weren't they actually Bloodlings (like Dazzlings, Flamelings, Icelings if that's what they're called). Omw its been so long since I wrote in my book, I guess I forgot about it O.O.
Woah. I wouldn't wanna get that virus GAHH
Ohhhh okay. LOL I honestly don't know what anything like that is (pansexual, asexual, whateversexual LOL) so I seem a bit stupid because I never know what you're talking about XD

loomgirl777's picture

You don't know what that is????????????????????????????????????????????
Oh, well.
I love your drawing! The fact that the dragon is skinny, bony, and black is so creepy and cool!
Amazing job!


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