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This is my first loomigurumi project that I came up with the design without a tutorial. I hope you all like it as much as I do! It's exciting to come up with your own designs! :)

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For otakus, I have made a neko figure! You may find these cat hybrids in some anime shows and stuff. Her name is Penelope. Her nickname is Pinkie! She is very kind, hyper and enthusiastic.

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He is so cute! Squeeeee!!!!!

Designed by feelinspiffy

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Rainbow Xtreme bracelet :)

Designed by: Me!

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How to make a one loom donut charm by feelinspiffy on youtube.

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How to make an easy donut charm by webkinzfun99.

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LOVE it haven't made yet though looken' forward to!!!

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How to make a bunny pencil hugger!

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How to make a minecraft creeper pencil hugger!

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How to make a giraffe pencil hugger!

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How to make a ring tailed lemur pencil hugger!

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How to make a koala pencil hugger!!

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How to make a lion or cat pencil hugger!!

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How to make a girl or princess pencil hugger!

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How to make a puppy pencil hugger!

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How to make a unicorn or pony pencil hugger.

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How to make a panda bear pencil hugger!

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I LOVE this owl charm by TutorialsByA!

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I've made 5 of these...They're so cute! :)

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Pineapple pencil topper! (cute!)

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I love the French Braid bracelet!!! If you haven't made it...it's awesome!!

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A rendition of the Chic Chevron bracelet, (tutorial and design by Claire, tutorial linked on this page....) in Assorted Rainbow Jelly bands! ❤️ (Instagram, @sydneylooms)

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Designed by Cortney Nicole.
Credit goes to Rainbow Owlz for her amazing dragons!

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This is Glitter the Unicorn! I love her so much and I had so much fun making her. Design & Tut by Loomigurumi on YouTube.

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Laurelle bracelet designed by me! Currently no tutorial

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So, I decided to redo my pictures of Saphira because I put wire in her! She looks so much cooler now!
So here they are!

Designed by Cortney Nicole

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