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I decided to post this on loomgirl777's album because it's related to loomgirl777! Soooo I went to random.org and entered the amount of comments (3) and generated a number, and it came up with 2!

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My first OC adoption!!! Here's how you can win her: Comment if you want her. Lol that's all! I will use a random number picker to draw a random comment number, then count to see which person wins!

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Here's a drawing on my sketchbook of Flamethorn, ♓y℘e14! I hope you like it :). I'm still going to sketch Vine, Goldenscale, Blueskull, and Moonshadow, so don't worry I Am A Dragon 8)

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This is the outline.... I have to clean it up a bit tho ٩◔‿◔۶
Yay. Almost done. The dragon on the rights head took SO long to draw, I don't even know why ( ̄ー ̄)

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This is my second dragon OC. Bio:

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I drew this full body artwork of Dazzle, my OC the other day on my sketchbook. It looks really epic to me. Hope you like it!

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Best one yet! Fungirl99000, I might play as him.....even tho he's a boy シ )

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If you were wondering what the things behind her head are,their wings, that didn't totally work in my opinion)
Name: Moonshadow

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Lol kind of a shipping picture with I Am A Dragon's OC, Flamethorn, and my OC, Dazzle 8) This is so funny XD

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