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This is my entry for IAAD's cat art contest. I'm not the best at cats, but I wanted to enter this contest to improve my cat drawing skills. Hope you like, IAAD :) Sorry if it's ugly 3:

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Winner of adoption #4 is... I AM A DRAGON AGAIN XD!
I love her ^_^

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Winner of adoption #4 is... I AM A DRAGON AGAIN XD! Sorry loomgirl. I'll be sure to put more adoptions up in the future. (only 2 ppl entered this time...

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Hello, everyone!
im proud to announce i won Scout the Searchling from Fungirl99000!

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DA WINNER OF DA ADOPTION (lol I'm rushing this post sorry) IS.............. ---Drumroll pleaze--- I AM A DRAGON!

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These are the pygmy dragons I made by I Am A Dragon!! The two last ones are mine, while the purple one is for Josiah and the first one is for Joshua (my other brother lol).

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Here's a drawing on my sketchbook of Flamethorn, ♓y℘e14! I hope you like it :). I'm still going to sketch Vine, Goldenscale, Blueskull, and Moonshadow, so don't worry I Am A Dragon 8)

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Lol kind of a shipping picture with I Am A Dragon's OC, Flamethorn, and my OC, Dazzle 8) This is so funny XD

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