How to Loom Your Dragon

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Shared by Roos Ucher‎ to Rainbow Loom on Facebook.
Designed by Courtney Nicole:

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Full pic of amethyst

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Amethyst's tail :D

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Amethyst's wing :D

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Here's a close up on Amethyst, my first rainbow loom dragon.

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This is the first rainbow loom dragon I've ever made. Her name is Amethyst At the time, I thought it was awesome LOL.

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Tutorial by Cortney Nicole on YouTube.
Part 2:

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Cortney Nicole dessigned this

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They are both my dessigns

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Dessigned by Cortney Nicole

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My dessign Of the rainbow loom stormcuter family

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My new dessign Of the rainbow loom nadders

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Here's the baby guy, he's really small compared to the big one.

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Published on November 7, 2014 by Cortney Nicole on YouTube.

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