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My design. This is a girl I made when i started rainbow loom.

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I made some of Tutorials by A's (Angelynn's) babies!! They're SO flippin cute!!! :D

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I made another Barbie! YAY! (^-^) This one is the first Barbie ever made in that iconic black and white bathing suit. Barbie was created in 1959. She celebrates her 60th anniversary this year.

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My whole collection of minifigures! (pretty much) plz follow...

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Who doesn't like Disney!?! plz follow...

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I hope you like my design! plz follow...

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Based on TutorialsbyA baby tutorial
If you like this, plz follow..

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This is my girl with a poofy dress (the tutorial is by Marloomz Creations; Cowgirl), and her pet poodle (the tutorial is by PG's Loomacy; Updated Version of How To Make A Poodle)!

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