Laura Originals

I made my current favorite singer Wade Cota on the loom. His new album Big Feet Baby Steps is on all streaming platforms. Ya NEED to check it out!!

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Here's another addition to my iconic Barbie series. (^_^) Totally Hair Barbie, released in 1991, is the best selling Barbie EVER. I can see why. Look at all that hair!

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I made another Barbie! YAY! (^-^) This one is the first Barbie ever made in that iconic black and white bathing suit. Barbie was created in 1959. She celebrates her 60th anniversary this year.

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My own original design. (^_^) Black Barbie made history by being the first African American doll by Mattel to be called Barbie, instead of being one of Barbie's friends. She was released in 1980.

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This isn't exactly an original but I'm pretty darn sure that it's the first RBL Jonathan Antoine.

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Look at da wings ✨

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Inspired by Tutorials By A (now Angelynn). Who else misses her loom vids?

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My own original design (everything on this board is) I made it a few years ago.

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