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My typhoomerang collection coming back to haunt you for life. I need to stop making these suckers I swear they gonna end up flooding my house soon.

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Ayy look, I'm still looming kids. Here's some random stuff I loomed recently.

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An adult version of my baby Typhoomerang I finished a few months ago.

Design by Cortney Nicole

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This time, my brother bought the bands, and I made him Sunny, his first WoF dragon!

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This is one of my brothers (Joshua) with Clay, which I made for him over a year ago! (In September it'll be 2 years :-D )

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Sorry for being dead :p

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Yup, her belly may not look huge in this picture, but lemme tell you, she. is. FAT. her belly is 9 columns thick and stuffed with a bunch of fiber fill.

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Here is the infamous Queen Scarlet. She is bigger than DarkStalker (he's in the pic too). I love her so much (well, not the book character. rubber band character XD).

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Hey loomers! This is most likely the best post I'm ever posting on this magnificent posting website! Lol ok I'll stop.

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Hi everybody! Fungirl here with yet another post (more posts to come soon). This was my entry for Cortney Nicole's baby dragon challenge.

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Hey everyone! Check out these cute baby Timberjacks (designs by Cortney Nicole)! The pink one is for me and the yellow one is for my brother.

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Hey everyone! I decided to post a second time today because I wanted to show you guys this dragon now! I'm a Wings of Fire fan, and I've read all the books.

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Hey everyone! I'm back (finally XD)! Today I have an adorable baby dragon to show you all. Baby Seashocker/Oceanzap! This is another one of Cortney Nicole's designs.

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Love this little cutie! Typhoomerang the Typhoomerang was my first Typhoomerang, and yes, since it was my first Typhoomerang, I named it after its species. Comment if you love her!

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There's a new dragon in the family! Glory from Wings of Fire! She is Cortney Nicole's design and she only took 1 loom! She's pretty big for only a 1-loom dragon! She's not for me, though.

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Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in awhile. I haven't had much to post! In this picture I took all of the baby Typhoomerang dragons I made (Cortney Nicole's design) and lined them up!

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Ok, it's official, no more toys till you're 1 month old (unless I do it earlier :P)! Note: the rope toy is NOT a tutorial.

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River: I got my eye(s) on youuu!!!
Me: .........

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Hi guys! I finished the Rainbow Loom poodle yesterday!!! I'm so happy the way it turned out. Credit goes to Cortney Nicole of How to Loom Your dragon.

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My hand sure is looking good with this awesome wolf bracelet! Original design by Nancy from Loombicious :) Keep up the good work!

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Hi guys! First Rainbow Loom post in the Loom Community! I decided to post a picture of Saphira the Dragon, which was made in August. This design is Cortney Nicole's (How to Loom your Dragon).

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