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Remember the Dazzle introduction post? https://loom.community/p/12267

This is the drawing 2 years 6 months later. Feel old yet? :>

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Yes y'all, this is the bootiful dragon gorl of mine.
She protecc, attacc, but most importantly...
She bacc

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I've been wanting to make her, but made Arctic instead!

But finally, she's here!

She's flown all the way from the continent of Dnalnogard...

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How'd I do....? Comment below. This took me 2 hours total :o All the shading and tracing a sketch.... Wow XD

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This is a map that I am adding into the prologue of Dazzle: A Dragon's Tale. It shows every part of the continent they live on, so you get a better view of where everything is.

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A dragon with a terrible past... A dragon who's mind thinks nothing but violent thoughts... A dragon who's parents thought of him as a pest...

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This is a scene from my upcoming chapter in Dazzle: A Dragon's Tale. Any guesses to who the misty Dazzling standing next to Dazzle is? 8) Hint: dead guy/girl

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Dazzle in 3 more different styles: Animal Jam, Paw Patrol (LOL HAD TO), and Anime. Paw Patrol one looks so ugly.... I can do better than that XD Hope you liek anyways.

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This is a Dazzle drawing I did in three styles: normal (dragon), MLP, and human (I added wings. idk why XD). Hope you like.

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This is a scene from Dazzle: A Dragon's Tale, when Dazzle goes down into the dungeon to see what happened to the guards, and sees Sol more insane than ever.

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Mostly finished. I haven't got the energy to colour all of it, so I did the branch on the right. Heh.

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UPDATED MORE EPIC COVER WHOOOOOOOO isn't it nice? XD much better than the ugly paint cover i had. I feel like epic covers draw more people to read stories on wattpad... :) Hope u like.

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This is a picture of Spark, loomgirl's OC for my book, for chapter 6 of Dazzle: A Dragon's Tale, which is coming out really soon. Hope you like it, loomgirl!

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She's not exactly an OC. Queen Ambrosia is more of just a character in my Wattpad story. She's appearing in the next chapter, which I am almost done with!

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So me and my family are going to Brookings, Oregon tomorrow and I won't be back until Tuesday.... Or Wednesday. Just wanted tto let you loomers know. Bye 3:

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Dazzle has to come to say....

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Dazzle has to come to say....

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Hey guys! More artwork! On paper. I think I do better on paper. Me, my hb pencil, eraser,colour pencils and sketchpad are FAR better than my digital pictures.

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I am currently working on chapter 1, but if you want to read the prologue of my story (it will feature all of our OCs....

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This is the picture I'm using for my Wattpad profile picture :3. Loom_lover, I'm @Fungirl99000 on Wattpad (Or Hannah U.). I want to check you out! Can you tell me your Wattpad user?

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I drew this full body artwork of Dazzle, my OC the other day on my sketchbook. It looks really epic to me. Hope you like it!

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Dazzle the dazzling!!! She ain't wired yet tho ;)

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Lol kind of a shipping picture with I Am A Dragon's OC, Flamethorn, and my OC, Dazzle 8) This is so funny XD

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I've been inspired by many people to make a dragon OC (online character), so I decided to make my own! Here's her bio:

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