50 Days of Rainbow Loom

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Day 37 posted by 101Emilyrokz here on Loom Community.

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Day 50: Something amazing

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Day 49: Something else Hexafish
Have you ever had the overwhelming urge to make a Hexafish Bracelet? Before today, yeah me neither

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Day 48: Something from Frozen
Let it go!
Tutorial used: Rainbow Loom Queen Elsa Charm | Princess Action Figure - Detachable Skirt - Gomitas Izzalicious Designs

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Day 47: May the 4th be with you!

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Day 46: Something floral
Today my sister wanted me to show her how to make a flower, so I showed her how to make this one. It's really pretty!

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Day 45: Something for a doll No judgements please ☺
Tutorial used: Barbie Rainbow Loom Wearable BIKINI for Barbie Dolls byDIY Mommy and Kids

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Day 44: Something rendezvous

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Day 43: That awkward moment when you realise that you only own 6 colours of rubber bands... I think it's time to go shopping

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Day 42: Something partayyy
It even glows in the dark :-)
Tutorial used: Rainbow Loom® Confetti Criss-Cross Bracelet Rainbow Loom

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Day 41: Something distracting
I was looking for a cool bracelet to make, but then I realised that my Poodle was Matt Smith. All hail the king

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Day 40: Something from a kids TV show
This is Cookie Monster who hails from Sesame Street. Excuse the holding hook, I still need to go back and change his eyes slightly

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Day 39: Something familiar
Yes! I finished it. You saw this bracelet in progress a few days ago and the SAME bracelet weeks ago; it was so fun that I had to make it again!

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Day 38: Something loose
This Dragon Scale bracelet is simple, versatile and, most importantly, looks really cool

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Day 37: Something easy but cool

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Day 37: Something easy but cool

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Day 36: Something in progress
This WILL be the Victorian lace bracelet. I loved it so much that I had to make another
Tutorial using:

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Day 35: All the rainbows
This is beautiful. Rainbow is beautiful.
For tutorials please see the individual posts on my board!

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Day 34: Something ok it's been a weird day and I was on the wrong side of the internet and bad things happened
Granted at least, he is cute

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Day 33: Something wibbly woblley timey wimey
Bow ties are cool. Fezes are too.
Design by 101Emilyrokx

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Day 32: Something origami
Enjoy! This bracelet is really cute and is extremely easy to make
NEW Double Origami Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial (Original Design) by Mike Ho_Loomer

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Day 31: Something to look back on
For individual tutorial links please see my board "50 days of Rainbow Loom"

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Day 30: Something almost
It's getting there. Kinda.

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Day 28: Something infinite
For those of you who are wondering, this bracelet DOES end. Maybe.
Tutorial used: How to Make the Infinity Bracelet on the Rainbow Loom by Emily Hill

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Day 27: Something Gothic
This design is simple yet bold. It is easy to make and great if you want to make a statement.

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Day 26: Something for animal lovers

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Day 25: Halfway there!!!
Tutorial used: Rainbow Loom : Zippy Chain Bracelet - How To by SoCraftastic

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Day 24: Something for children
These snakes are fun, bright and easy to make. My little sister loves to twist these around banisters and cupboard doors to "surprise" people

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Day 23: Something Harlequin
These bracelets are great to add a pop of colour to a black outfit

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