50 Days of Rainbow Loom

I am going to attempt to Rainbow Loom every day for 50 days, posting a photo of my new project everyday. The designs will vary from bracelets that even beginners can make to intricate models that take much longer to create. If you have any theme or specific tutorial/design requests please comment to let me know!

Day 50: Something amazing

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Day 49: Something else Hexafish
Have you ever had the overwhelming urge to make a Hexafish Bracelet? Before today, yeah me neither

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Day 48: Something from Frozen
Let it go!
Tutorial used: Rainbow Loom Queen Elsa Charm | Princess Action Figure - Detachable Skirt - Gomitas Izzalicious Designs

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Day 47: May the 4th be with you!

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Day 46: Something floral
Today my sister wanted me to show her how to make a flower, so I showed her how to make this one. It's really pretty!

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Day 45: Something for a doll No judgements please ☺
Tutorial used: Barbie Rainbow Loom Wearable BIKINI for Barbie Dolls byDIY Mommy and Kids

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Day 44: Something rendezvous

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Day 43: That awkward moment when you realise that you only own 6 colours of rubber bands... I think it's time to go shopping

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Day 42: Something partayyy
It even glows in the dark :-)
Tutorial used: Rainbow Loom® Confetti Criss-Cross Bracelet Rainbow Loom

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Day 41: Something distracting
I was looking for a cool bracelet to make, but then I realised that my Poodle was Matt Smith. All hail the king

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Day 40: Something from a kids TV show
This is Cookie Monster who hails from Sesame Street. Excuse the holding hook, I still need to go back and change his eyes slightly

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Day 39: Something familiar
Yes! I finished it. You saw this bracelet in progress a few days ago and the SAME bracelet weeks ago; it was so fun that I had to make it again!

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Day 38: Something loose
This Dragon Scale bracelet is simple, versatile and, most importantly, looks really cool

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Day 37: Something easy but cool

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Day 36: Something in progress
This WILL be the Victorian lace bracelet. I loved it so much that I had to make another
Tutorial using:

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Day 35: All the rainbows
This is beautiful. Rainbow is beautiful.
For tutorials please see the individual posts on my board!

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Day 34: Something ok it's been a weird day and I was on the wrong side of the internet and bad things happened
Granted at least, he is cute

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Day 33: Something wibbly woblley timey wimey
Bow ties are cool. Fezes are too.
Design by 101Emilyrokx

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Day 32: Something origami
Enjoy! This bracelet is really cute and is extremely easy to make
NEW Double Origami Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial (Original Design) by Mike Ho_Loomer

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Day 31: Something to look back on
For individual tutorial links please see my board "50 days of Rainbow Loom"

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Day 30: Something almost
It's getting there. Kinda.

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Day 29: Something hexafish
Easy to make, stunning to look at.

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Day 28: Something infinite
For those of you who are wondering, this bracelet DOES end. Maybe.
Tutorial used: How to Make the Infinity Bracelet on the Rainbow Loom by Emily Hill

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Day 27: Something Gothic
This design is simple yet bold. It is easy to make and great if you want to make a statement.

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Day 26: Something for animal lovers

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Day 25: Halfway there!!!
Tutorial used: Rainbow Loom : Zippy Chain Bracelet - How To by SoCraftastic

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Day 24: Something for children
These snakes are fun, bright and easy to make. My little sister loves to twist these around banisters and cupboard doors to "surprise" people

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Day 23: Something Harlequin
These bracelets are great to add a pop of colour to a black outfit

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Day 22: Something Batman
Dunununununununununununu Batman!
Tutorial used: Rainbow Loom Batman Superhero Action Figure Tutorial by Izzalicious Designs

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Day 21: Something exotic
This is the stunning Kristies Diamond Bracelet. It took a while and my looms collapsed but it is 110% worth it. I think I'm in love.

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