OMG!!! on fortnite theres new stuff for season 6!

but when i play fortnite i always get killed but my brother ( Harper ) winned a battle royal together!

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can some one tell me how to change my profile?

i want to have a different picure of some thing

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YAY! its almost my bday, if you wanted to now my birthday is on the 25th of march but my birthday party is on the 20th

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this is my original design i made today.

and it took me 6 hours to make!

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its so beautiful out side,its a winter wonder land!

hope yall have fun in the snow!

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heres some facts about me, my real name is Evelyn not mint,i love to rainbow loom,crochet,and knit,i live in virginia usa,im 10 years old,i love playing with my crafts and barbies to,i love dragons

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