Loomer of the Week!

"Feelinspiffy made this and if you see the picture their is two not three peas please comment below thank you!!!!"

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"first post. very cute! Feelinspiffy creation on Youtube. Tiny but all ways has a big smile! Comment please what to name him i need to have a name for him!!"

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"This is my elephant I made and its my own design. This took about three weeks to make. I hope you comment down bellow and follow me and or like it bye!"

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"Hi this is my happy dango and my first ever happy food I finished. It was so hard and this is kittycatloom's design. Make sure to follow me bye!"


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"super cute whales that are my favorite thing I have made so far on the left is Mr. whale and on the right is Mrs. whale. Please comment below thank you!!!!! "


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"Hey this is my own design mini snake that climbs in the jungle and is shy. Make sure to follow me bye!"

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"This is coconut the monkey that is shy and loves flowers. Make sure to follow me bye!!"

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"This is a fishtail that AubleLoom made when they were bored. And it didn't take a lot of bands. Make sure to follow AubleLoom bye!"


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"This is a banana that AubleLoom made and is sassy. Comment down below what to name the banana and if it should be a girl or boy bye!!! :3 And please like it to be nicce"

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AubleLoom's Owl. Make sure to follow AubleLoom!

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Please follow AubleLoom! Apparently they really want some followers. If anyone else wants me to advertise them too, please contact me in the comment section below.

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