I just started and this is my very first album! I'm so excited to share my creations with you guys! NOTE: THERE ARE VIDEOS IN MY POSTS! Plz check them out!

This bracelet it really cool looking- and you can make it with only one loom row! Other popular color combinations are rainbow, black/red, pink/blue, and green/purple. Please like!

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The Fishtail bracelet was actually the first bracelet that I learned how to make! It's super easy and you don't need a loom for it. Have a great time looming!

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The Infinity bracelet is another super easy bracelet to make! I love how the black, pink, purple, and blue look so good together- great color combination suggestion!

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Starburst bracelets are super fun and easy to make! This is my very first post- I'm so excited! Have a great time looming!

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