Pygmy dragons!

My Pygmys were inspired by E.W at school (HayleighH,skyla, and guardian, you've seen her) And they are sooooo cute and small!!!!

Hi everyone! These are all of my current Pygmy dragons.
They all have names:
Row1: Tangerine,stripetail,star
Row2: lemonade,grapevine,bolt,mango
Row3: Frostburn

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These are some Pygmy dragon parts I started and never finished so I'm gonna use those ;)

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Put your eye band on those two pegs, and sorry I didn't tell you how to split the eyes and snout

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This is Splash the Sunken Pygmy dragon (sunken=water type)
He is a muti blue-colour.

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She's to cute.

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Mango٩◔‿◔۶is my current favourite and star is pretty cool too!

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