Craft Show Idea's- Rainbow Loom

I thought I would gather all my craft show idea's using rainbow loom bands. The possibilities are endless, but always keep them simple and remember who your target shoppers are as well. Since mine are generally at the schools, I tend to keep them simple and fun and with a purpose if possible. You'll never go wrong if you do your homework! :)

My current supply and restock of pencil huggers for Nov. 2016 craft show.

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Another pin and another fun one that was a hit with the boy....also a craft show item.....and also (watched how to tutorial to make them)

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Another fun one....also (watched how to tutorial to make them) but used as a pin instead of a charm....

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Took the head from a dog figure/charm and made a pin out it. One of my fav's....

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More hair clips....Took the hair idea from the mermaid and other girl firgures and made it look
fun.... same craft show..

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Made these for a craft show at my daughters elementary school. ((watched how to tutorial to make them))
used only the star part. Loved how these turned out.

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