No special thing. Just Single Chain. And green. Can't forget blue.

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Do you know this bracelet? It's like a waterfall, minus one strand, the one that goes in the middle of the two strands. Anybody ever made this bracelet?
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KK not literally unwanted. But still. This morning, the CAT tore some of the bands in my triple-single bracelet. I took it off my KITTY beanie boo, Pelly, last night. Shoot. Right. I. Regret. It.

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Happy New Year 12 hours late! I was up till 3 yesterday so I kinda slept in till 11 am. Oh gosh yesterday was awesome.

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Design? Easy. I don't know if you know it already...it's Double Fishtail.

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Shiny but Tiny, is it now? Yup. Shiny. But. Tiny. It's easy, no?

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So! Yellow and orange now, eh?

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Here's the close-up of EPIC for you. Plz:

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Here's the not-zoomed-in picture of what I'd call the Skeleton Line/Bracelet. It's cool. Tug a line, nothin' happens. Comment what you think it should be called!

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KK what-if. Is this thing triple single or Waterfall? I used another brand to make it. Well, the instructions manual is different...so is it Waterfall or triple single? Yeah. Yeah. I found it.

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Really Awesome RLCreator!!! Gimme more, gimme more!!!!!!!!!

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