I love making bracelets for my dolls! The pink and purple one is an inverted fishtail but I am not sure what the other one is.

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Madison's first Rainbow Loom bracelet- 2014
Triple single pattern with clear, tie-dye, and glitter bands.

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Madison's Rainbow Loom popcorn bracelet

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My Triple fishtail bracelet :)

Design by TutorialsbyA on Youtube

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Starbursts are on of my favorite bracelets! This is my favorite starburst bracelet I have made. I love to use glitter bands :)

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This was my-(Katherine) first Rainbow Loom bracelet- 2014

Triple Single design/pattern

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Rainbow loom feather bracelet. It is reversible. I love the colors!

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This is a fishtail I made for my friend. I love the colors! :)

Colors- tie dye, white glow in the dark, and pink glitter.

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My sister's favorite fishtails! :)

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My sister's Hibiscus bracelet

The design is by Rainbow Loom

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Another stained glass bracelet- this one is my favorite! :)
Tutorial by Feelinspiffy

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Rainbow loom Stained Glass bracelet.
Tutorial by Feelinspiffy

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