Here I will put pics of Rainbow Loom creations that i luved from other people!


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Published on July 4, 2014 by Expert Looms on YouTube.
this is so it on yet

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in honour of this whatever-type-of-bracelet-this-iz, SHREDDED, by STUPID CAT, who ALWAYS SHREDS THINGS. Stop it Chloe za Cat, STOP IT.

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By Made by Mommy. Hey, i think i am following you on YouTube...anyway, follow, like, reshare, comment &, most of all, subscribe!

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Made by loomsisters. Keep going, girls!

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Made by oobeedoo. White poodle called Snow. Wow, it took 5 days! Comment, like, reshare and follow!

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Snowflake or crystal by Loom. The album? Chart. Good job!

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