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Since Littletiger made a Water Dragon.....I made a Fire dragon.
Also, please tell me if any of my posts look horrendous or have a terrible background.
(I need to know XD)

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Ha! She's finally done. What a relief. Psychoticlings Rule!!
Maybe I'll go totally overboard and make her a Antimatter Blast!
Should I? Tell me in the coments.

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And my heart went....POP!!!!
Enough said.

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Sorry about the time gaps between posts, I had to go to a friend's house (which wasn't a bad thing)
Yay! Almost done! And yes I do know she's missing a leg XD

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Awwwwwwww It's cute <3

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She's gonna be so cool!! Here are her wings, they are about as long and my hand.

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Finished! She's soo cute ((<3)) (that's a heart beating, if you were wondering)
Her eyes are tri-toned.
And, her name is Brightmare, thanks Fungirl!

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He's so cool!!! Fungirl99000, you should definitely make him. Littletiger, you already are!

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