Loomigurumi designs

This is Grogu design by Creativity Is life! It's a gift to my grandparents! My parents bought the bands and I started this yesturday and finished this in the morning! Love this design sooo cute!

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These are some pictures of Grogu from the Mandalorin Star wars! So cute!

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This is a golden sheep I made today by gingercelooms. I do think it would be better if I had bead eyes for the sheep but o well, the design is cute!

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This is the seal I made! I changed the face a little bit tho anyway hope you like it!

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This is my own original design ! Although it kinda looks like craftmuse alpaca. I did not watch her video while making this, but I still give credit to craftmuse. I hope you like it! ^____^

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This was my own design! A loomigurmi tsum tsum penquin! credit to craftmuse for the body base shape of a tsum tsum! Have a great day! =D

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This is my own design, but I give credit to craft muse for the body shape. I made this as a gift for my grandma! Hope you like it! ^-^

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I made this yesterday! ( This is my 2nd loomigurmi design I've made) I made this for my sister. It is my original design, A tsum tsum seal!

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I made this loomigurumi design for my little brother! I made this design today! This is my 3rd loomigurumi design I have made! I hope you have a great weekend! =3 :3

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Winnie the pooh by craftmuse.

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