Privacy Policy

Please read the following document before sending us your information.

All information on this policy is current as of December 10, 2015 and is subject to change. Please check regularly for updates as e-Waves, Inc. has the right to change the terms of this policy as needed without informing others about these changes beforehand.

e-Waves, Inc. is devoted to ensuring that any information that we collect from people on this site is protected from all outside sources.

e-Waves, Inc. may gather information from customers based on their online activity usage with regards to this website, any games or apps that may come with it and other electronic applications.

Use of this site and sending information to us assumes that you agree to the terms listed in this Privacy Policy. By continuing to use this service, you give your consent to e-Waves, Inc. to allow your information to be received as it becomes available. The information that you send will be stored in secure servers and will be protected as needed. Any service providers that are to work alongside e-Waves, Inc. to secure this data will be chosen with regards to which options are the most secure and sensible for your overall data needs.

We will not knowingly collect any information from users under the age of 13.

A number of parts of the Loom Community website are not for children who are under the age of 13. Any parents who are willing to allow their children to send their information online must agree to all disclosure standards.

Information will be gathered from visitors in many forms:

Registration. An email address will be collected in the registration process. This address will be kept on file at the e-Waves, Inc. server. It is advisable for people not to give out identifying information in any usernames that they may use in public.

Surveys. Information can also be collected in surveys as a means of finding ways to improve the service. The information collected in all surveys will not entail any means of identifying users.

Service management. e-Waves, Inc. will collect information through IP addresses, cookies and other sources to review information on how individual users manage the site and what operating systems or browsers they use to navigate this website.

Communications from the user. The user may be able to send information to e-Waves, Inc. through email or physical mail communications. Any information that is sent may be kept on file but will not be shared with outside parties unless e-Waves, Inc. is given explicit permission to do so.

All parents must ensure that their children's online activities are carefully monitored. This includes ensuring that the children who use the service will use it properly and will not give out more information than necessary.

Personal information that is to be gathered will be used to provide information on upcoming products or services.

Information is used to review details on the people who use the service and to find ways to create quality products that fit the needs and considerations of all current and future users. Info is also used to respond to issues, complaints or concerns that come with regards to the products and services being used.

This is also to determine if certain people are eligible for particular offers.

The information gathered by e-Waves, Inc. is not used for promotional purposes. It will not be given out to other parties unless the participant gives permission for that information to be used in some form or unless any of these considerations are to be used:

Information may be given to third parties if it is necessary to deliver an email, process a transaction or manage any audits.

This information may also be sent out in the event of legal or court hearings.

The information may be transferred in the case of a sale, merger or transfer of assets at e-Waves, Inc..

Various forms of technology may be used to collect information. These include cookies, web beacons and other items used to track information on how people use the site.

Third party websites may have access to advertising spaces through e-Waves, Inc.. Many of these are based off of past user browsing history on the user's computer. Any information that is listed in these advertisements will not be shared with e-Waves, Inc.. In addition, e-Waves, Inc. does not take any responsibility for third party ads that show up during one's use of the service.

Any links to third party websites that e-Waves, Inc. does knowingly provide are used solely for convenience purposes.

You will have the right to determine what personal information you share with e-Waves, Inc.. You will not be required to provide any such information.

Be sure to review this policy often for information on any changes that may develop in the future.