Designs by me

These are some Designs ! =1 YAY!

Hi loomers! This is a thing i made this morning U•ェ•*U Its a swatch of the copy cat bracelet. and then i added this ruffle thing a rainbow stranded through the top and a bow

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I felt in a original designing mood and tried some stuff I made 3 original bracelets today although 1 of them I forgat to take a picture and I did break apart all 3.

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Apeach is a Korean character from kakao friends. I created apeach it's my original design I'm not proud of it and I dont think it's that great please dont judge.

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So I made this today and it's kinda weird , it's a bear doll thing my origanal design hope you like it!

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Yay this is another miny Chevron, I made for a friend, with yellow and blue gonna mail soon! MADE THIS YESTURDAY!-evey☆loomy

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This is the --------------- bracelet if you have any ideas on what should be the name please comment! Its reversible so I will post the other side some other time!

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This is the Chic Chevron design by Claires Wear although I shrank the chevron to make it smaller and thinner!

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This is my own Design! Hope you like it!

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